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5 Tips to Slay as a Couple

By nicholejackson | Comments: 0 | July 9, 2017

Couples that Slay Together, Stay Together .        What better way to solidify your relationship in the public eye than co-ordinating outfits with your bae? We are going to give you 5 tips on how to slay as a couple.

  1.  So firstly, you don’t want to look too matchy- matchy all the time, so find pieces that complement each other but not exactly alike. Try to put outfits together that have similar fabrics and styles.
  2. Secondly accessorise similarly as well, not only can you co-ordinate your outfits but also you can sport matching watches, necklaces and shoes.
  3. This one is for the ladies in particular, you can wear your mans clothes and just customise it. For example turn his longline Tee/Hoodie into a T-shirt/Hoodie dress.
  4. You’re a movement by yourself, but imagine the force you can be together. Make sure that when you broadcast this unified effort in fashion. Snap, take couple selfies and walk with confidence next to your partner. We guarantee that you guys will be noticed.
  5. Finally if you are looking for inspiration, purchase a YungnRich Crew Neck Tracksuit and get your couple slayage in motion.

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